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DAVINCI IQ 2 Vaporizer Review & Price Comparsion

(4 out of 5 stars from 255 Reviews)
Heating MethodConduction
Adjustable temperature
Max. temperature221 C°
Heatup Time45 Sekunden
Direct inhalation
Digital display
Battery power3500 mAh
Exchangeable Battery
iOS App
Android App
Warranty10 Jahre

Overall Rating


Davinci Iq 2 Vaporizer Review

Davinci IQ 2 Vaporizer Review

Portable vapes are easy and unobtrusive to take with you. At any time you can enjoy your favorite herbal mix alone or together with friends.

I chose the Davinci IQ 2 Vaporizer for good reasons. He is just the best of his quality.

In this overview you will get a detailed description and many hints about innovations, design, how it works, the quality of the steam and everything else you need to know about the IQ 2 Vaporizer from Davinci.

Overview of the technical innovations of the IQ2

Simply ingenious – the Air Dial ™ system and the aroma chamber

Davinci Iq 2 Air Dial System

Air Dial

With the IQ2, you control the air flow that flows through the air ducts in an innovative way through the Air Dial ™ system.

Herbal or heating chamber

Davinci Iq 2 Kraeuterkammer

The herbal or heating chamber is located in the lower part of the device. Finely crushed herbal mixtures can be easily brought into the chamber. A spherical device attached to the lid compresses the contents.

Aroma chamber

Davinci Iq 2 Aroma Chamber

The aroma chamber attached after the heating chamber is intended for an additional portion of aromatic herbs.

Features that distinguish the Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer

Key product details

  • Weight:159 grams
  • Dimensions:9.2 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm
  • Outer material: brushed aluminium
  • Application: Concentrates and herbs
  • Material of the mouthpiece: ceramic
  • With 10 mm long extension adapter for the mouthpiece
  • Conduction evaporator
  • Power source: rechargeable battery
  • Battery capacity is 3500 mAh
  • Battery works for about 90 minutes
  • Material of the heating chamber: zirconium ceramics and glass
  • Material of the aroma chamber: zirconium ceramics
  • Direct steam release
  • With auto shut-off
  • With Micro USB charging cable
  • Different possible temperature settings: 5 mode: Precision, Boost, Standby, Stealth and Smart Path ™ mode
  • Temperature: 176°C – 221°C
  • The warm-up time lasts about 1 minute
  • Charging time:360 min.
  • Size of the heating chamber is sufficient for 0.5 grams with an additional 0.2 g dosing tray
  • 10-year warranty

Impressive in design, size and workmanship

Davinci Iq 2 Vaporizer Design

With the Davinci IQ2, you get a convenient and portable upgrade with sophisticated functionality and advanced technology.

From the very first touch, the vaporizer will inspire you with its handiness and the pleasant feel of the materials.

The small device is available in the colours amethyst, cobalt, graphite and onyx. This high-quality vaporizer is first class, looks mega and lies optimally in the hand.

Completely held in his hand, it feels like a hand flatterer and does not notice. Vibration makes you feel that your vape is turned on and ready to function.

The workmanship is of high quality and impresses with its practicality. The housing is made of brushed, lightweight aluminum. Like its predecessor, it features a 51-LED display and buttons to control temperature settings and navigate the modes.

The zirconium ceramic mouthpiece for the ultimate taste experience

The integrated mouthpiece and adapter mouthpiece are made of zirconium ceramic. This material allows a super taste pleasure. It has a high stability and is also relatively easy to clean. The device can be optimally concealed when the hand is closed if required.

The Aroma Chamber – a cool innovation

The newly added aroma chamber is located directly at the end of the steam channel and placed after the herbal chamber. With the aroma chamber you can change the aroma of the steam according to Gusto.

You fill the aroma chamber with spicy herbs of your choice. As soon as you turn the device on, the steam develops. This flows through the herb chamber into the aroma chamber. There, the steam cools and gently penetrates the aromatic herbs and releases the fine aromas of the content. This intense, not too hot aroma-steam mixture you now pick up train by train over the mouthpiece.
The result is a super-pleasant vape feeling. This is probably the biggest plus of the aroma chamber.

Tip: The condensed steam accumulated in previous models without an aroma chamber in the mouthpiece. As a result, it had to be cleaned many times.
In iq2, the steam now accumulates in the aroma chamber. The cleaning process of the aroma chamber is easy if necessary. You just take them out, pour the contents away and wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Details of the herbal chamber

The Vaporizer is a conduction evaporator. The herb or heating chamber is lined with a glass ceramic bowl, which is excellently insulated. The high-quality materials ensure good purity and a wonderful taste.

It is best to fill the chamber completely with the selected herbs and press the filling material firmly into it. These are up to 0.5 grams of pressed herbal material.
Finely crushed or ground herbs are preferred. The finer the filling material, the denser the steam develops and the greater the resistance when pulling.

A word about the quality of steam

The conduction evaporator heats the material directly in the filling chamber. The contents of the filling chamber are heated so much (not burned!), so that the essential ingredients dissolve. The resulting steam enters the aroma chamber, replaces its aromas in the herbs contained therein and cools to a pleasant temperature. The taste experience is wonderfully intensely aromatic.

An important process – heating

The continuous heating of the herbs is essential for optimal enjoyment. Only a strong heating system can meet these requirements. Even after several successive lows, the steam is evenly dense and aromatic.

The new Air Dial ™ airflow technology

The IQ2 introduces a new technology, the Air Dial ™. Now there is a five-set controller on the bottom of the device that you use to control the airflow.

With this technology, the train is 50 percent cooler than usual and can be individually controlled if required. You can use this function to select the traction resistance.
If the steam is too violent, you ring the air flow and increase the tensile resistance by turning the corresponding button clockwise.

Extremely efficient – the rechargeable battery

The improved thermal management consumes less energy to maintain the selected operating temperature with an operating time of about one hour compared to its predecessor model.
Operation with a replaceable and rechargeable capacity is 3500 mAh. The long operating time makes the vaporizer so practical. The battery can be easily replaced. However, the charging time takes up to six hours.
A second battery is useful for changing and a separate charger. This means that you are not restricted in your use of your device due to the charging time. Charging time with the external charger takes only about 90 minutes.

Trendy – the Davinci app

The Davinci app is a useful feature of the device. The Bluetooth function allows you to connect online to a smartphone. There is currently no app available for the IPhone. Smartphone owners use Davinci’s service app.

A fantastic feature – the dosage setting

With the IQ2, you can access a new function via the app, namely the dosage setting. iOS users have the ability to trigger the feature directly from the device. The procedure is simple. During the first two minutes after switching on, you press the top button twice to trigger the dosage control.

Davinci has patented the innovative dosing algorithm technology. The calculation is based on the amount of herbs filled in, their strength and variety.

The chosen temperature, the duration of the breaks between trains and the duration of heating of the herbs have an influence on the taste experience.
With the dosage setting you regulate the amount of material used and can adjust it according to your needs. If you are not sure which herbs are right for you in which dosage, then use the supplied 0.2 gram capsule and slowly tap into the desired effect.

Key features of the IQ2

Davinci has retained important features of its predecessor model in the IQ2 Vaporizer such as:

Boost mode

In the settings, the boost mode can be switched to this. Experienced vape lovers use Boost mode for faster heating.
Activate Boost mode by holding down the control button of the IQ2. The heating system gives you maximum maximum performance.
As long as the button is pressed, the temperature rises rapidly to the maximum power level to 221 degrees Celsius. With this approach, the intensity of the steam becomes stronger. Connoisseurs like to use this function at the end of a session.
After 2 minutes of idle, the vape shuts down and goes into standby mode. Now the device cools down to conserve the battery.

Stealth mode

In stealth mode, you adjust the brightness of the LEDs for a simple session. This reduces the vapor emitment and the odour.

Smart Path ™ mode

The IQ2’s Smart Path ™ mode is activated as first-on. When activating the IQ2, the temperature in Smart Path mode automatically rises to a temperature of 191 degrees Celsius. The practical and well-tolerated session lasts eight minutes. Gradually, the temperature is increased by itself. You can also adjust the value with the side buttons to 176 degrees to 221 degrees Celsius.
You can choose between four Smart Paths settings that are most convenient for you or enable accuracy mode. Inexperienced Vape users start best with the lowest setting level.

A short process – regular cleaning

The cleaning process of the device is quick and trouble-free. It is recommended to clean the heating chamber after each session. First you remove all solid particles, then you wipe the chamber well.
The aroma chamber requires a little more attention. You remove the chamber from the device and disinfect it with some isopropyl alcohol. To do this, put the alcohol on a soft cloth and rub out the chamber well. In the same way, the mouthpiece is kept clean.

Our conclusion

I’m excited about the little handy IQ2. The price-performance ratio is right. Once you’ve tried a cheap vaporizer, you know why I think so.
The look is appealing and the high-quality materials used ensure a wonderful and intense taste experience.
The Davinci IQ2 is highly recommended and not only because of the 10-year warranty granted.

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