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Vaporizer Reviews & Price Comparsion

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The best mobile vaporizers in the test

Vaporizer Test & Price Comparison

My Best portable Vaporizer on the Go & Home: The Mighty

Portable vaporizers,which can also be called handheld, vape pen, or vape pen, are usually operated with an internal battery.

They are mainly designed to vaporize herbs but sometimes also waxes or oils on the go.

If you ask me, the best portable vaporizer is small, discreet and easy to use on the go.

The products I’m showing you here are the best portable vapes I’ve tested so far.

The Mighty Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel is worth mentioning here – click here for the Mighty review & Price Comparison.

And you should definitely read the Pax 3 Vaporizer Review. I love this vape for on the go!

Here are the 5 best portable vapes from my test.

Pax 3 Vaporizer Smono 4 Pro DAVINCI IQ 2 Vaporizer
Model PAX 3 VaporizerSmono 4 ProDAVINCI IQ 2 Vaporizer
Heating MethodKonduktionConductionConduction
Adjustable temperature
Max. temperature215 C°221 C°221 C°
Heatup Time22 Sekunden20 Sekunden45 Sekunden
Direct inhalation
Digital display
Battery power3500 mAh3000 mAh3500 mAh
Exchangeable Battery
iOS App
Android App
Warranty10 Jahre-10 Jahre

Here you can see all portable vaporizers in the test.

The best desktop vaporizers reviews

The Volcano Vaporizer Test

Table top vaporizers or desktop vaporizers are the classic devices with which herbs, waxes, oils or other materials can be vaporized.

A distinction is made between balloon, hose and water filters vaporizers.

There are table devices in analog and digital design and a very wide price spectrum, which is ultimately also reflected in the performance of the individual device.

The Storz and Bickel Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer should be highlighted. If you want to know more about it, just read my Volcano Hybrid test and price comparison. Click here for the classic: Volcano Vaporizer Test.

I have looked at the best table equipment for you, put them through their paces and put them into a price comparison.

Look 🙂

Here you can check out all desktop vaporizers reviews.

What is a Vaporizer?

What is there for Vaporizer?

The Cannabis Vaporizer is a tool that allows the steam to be inhaled by heating dried grass or other plant material.

By setting the correct temperature, the desired active ingredients can be easily extracted from the herbal material by steam by reaching the correct evaporation point.

This makes it possible for the user to inhale this active steam in a gentler way.

Unlike traditional forms of consumption, marijuana or other medicinal and intoxicated herbs are not burned.

This benefit eliminates the need to inhale the really harmful elements such as carbon monoxide, tar or other cancer carcinomas.

Advantages of a vaporizer

Health benefits

Health Benefits Vaporizer

  • Steaming and smoking are two different things.
  • The toxic toxins such as tar or benzene are almost completely filtered during vaporization as opposed to smoking
  • High-quality models promise pure steam that is more pleasant for the airways. However, only if it is logically a healthy evaporating material.

The intensity is increasing!

The intensity is stronger when vaporizing than when smoking
  • Evaporation results in a higher active ingredient content with a higher density than smoking.
  • Higher effect due to extremely easy steam absorption

Evaporation with full efficiency

Vaporize with full efficiency
  • You can inhale the steam of a vaporizer much longer and thus achieve a higher efficiency in consumption.
  • When vaporizing, the active ingredients do not simply fizzle out in the air. With the temperature control you can determine exactly which active ingredients you want to take and which do not.

More economical than smoking!

Vaporizers are economical
  • Higher efficiency also means higher economy. This makes you more efficient to vaporise, you don’t logically have to use as much plant material.
  • Depending on the device, only up to 70% (!!!) herbs as opposed to conventional smoking.
  • Due to small to almost no fluctuations in temperature in contrast to smoking where one has no control

Enjoy the full aroma of your herbs!

Enjoy the full aroma of your herbs
  • Due to the temperature control you have full control over the aroma of your herbs again. Determine by temperature which flavors you want to solve and enjoy the full potential of a vaporizer.
  • No leaflets, no tobacco – just the pure aroma of your plant material to the fullest. Tasty!!!

Safety first – Steaming is safer than smoking

Vaporizers are safe
  • Vaporizers usually work without fire. This significantly limits the risk of fire.
  • Most devices also have an auto shut-off. So you can also fall asleep with the vape on the couch or in bed. just sayin it! 🙂

More hygiene for people

With a vape you save yourself fully-fed ashtrays!
  • No more dirty ashtrays. Just plant material that some people even process for baking and cooking.
  • Whether in the car or at home. There is simply no waste in history.
  • The steam disperses in no time. So there is no annoying smoke that gets stuck in furniture or your furniture or is just annoying for your fellow human beings.

Always with us – Mobility

Always keep the portable vaporizer with you
  • In addition to the desktop vaporizers, there are also portable vaporizers that are so small that you can even wear them in the moneybag of your jeans. So you’re always and everywhere ready for a hit from the vape! oooh weee!

You can’t use medical cannabis more discreetly – vaporizing is odourless!

Discreet cannabis vaporization
  • The odour of vaping is of short duration and definitely to be classified as inconspicuously mild. That means you can steam really well undercoverwhere you could never have smoked your sports cigarette.
  • The time of smelly ashtrays is over!
  • The material after vaping is usually odourless and usually makes rather little dirt

Scientific articles and studies dealing with the topic of vaporization:

Who is a Vaporizer for?

Who is a vaporizer for?

Who is a vaporizer for?

You no longer have a buck to consume your weed with tobacco and want to do it in the healthiest way possible? Then you are exactly in good hands with such a herbal evaporator.

This device here spares you from the smoke, tobacco and all the pollutants that arise when you put on a sports cigarette. 🙂

In addition, you can assume that you can absorb up to 95% of all active ingredients when you vaporise your weed.

The history of the vaporizer

Cannabis was evaporated 2,500 years ago

Cannabis was evaporated 2,500 years ago Photo: Xinhua Wu

It is not possible to say exactly when humans have used aroma therapy for the first time, i.e. evaporating and absorbing flavors and active ingredients. Until the 5th century, the traces of vaporization can be traced in the most distant sense.

Vaporizing in ancient Egypt?

At that time, herbs and seeds were already spread or thrown on glowing stones in Egypt, so that the fragrant aromas and vapours could spread without smoke.

These procedures were apparently used for spiritual ceremonies or for the treatment of diseases.

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus is the oldest source we have in relation to this method.

in the writings “The History of Herodotus” (1928, Dial Press Inc., p. 226, Book IV) we can learn that the old Skytehn already practiced these methods at that time.

This is what his writings say

The Scythians take some of these hemp seeds and… throw it at the glowing stones, immediately it smokes and a steam that cannot be surpassed by any Greek steam bath spreads; the Scythians are delighted, cheers.”

Due to the constant heat of the heated stones, pleasantly smelling vapours could be developed that were not contaminated with smoke.

However, it was from here a further, further away to the vaporizer as we know it today.

From steaming stone to coconut Hookah

The next stage of development known to us takes us to India. There, the Indian “engineers of the old” took advantage of these methods and developed the rudimentary predecessor of today’s water pipe from simple means such as coconut shells and leaves.

1970: The First Real Vaporizer was born

In 1970, we really started with devices that resemble the vaporizers of today.
During this time, the so-called The Tilt Vaporizer was developed and thrown on the market.

Unfortunately, the distrust was very high and the relatively high price did not really play into the cards of the Tilt Vaporizer in order to assert itself on the market.

Although it was already known at the time that up to 96% (!!!) less tar is released by vaporizing tobacco, this prehistoric vaporizer disappeared faster than one could see.

But then it started. With the Volcano Classic at the end of the 90s at the latest, the vaporizers became more and more popular.

As a result, more and more companies wanted to meet the growing demand and began to launch individual vaporizer designs.

When the battery technology finally advanced far enough in 2006, nothing stood in the way of the mobile vaporizer and more and more models were on the market.

What is there for Vaporizer?

What are vaporizers?

What are vaporizers?

There are different vaporizer models. A distinction is made between portable and desktop devices at the top.

In addition, there are various heating methods that I would like to introduce to you here.

Heating method – conduction vs. convection

Conduction vaporizer v.s. convection vaporizer

Basically, there are 2 common heating methods when it is about vaporizing herbs:

The conduction process

Vaporizers that heat the plant material by a conduction process have the advantage that the heat source has direct contact with the plant material. This is because the material is heated directly in the herb chamber. Vaporizers such as the PAX2, or PAX3, use this method to heat the plant material. With conduction vaporizers, especially on models with a steel herb chamber, really beautiful thick steam clouds. They have a slightly stronger aroma than the convection vaporizers.

The construction of the heating chamber is decisive for a good performance of the vapes.

The better the heat is passed from the chamber into the mouthpiece, the better the vaporizer can perform and carry the active ingredients without burning the material into the mouth.

In order to obtain an optimal steam experience with a conduction vaporizer, you should always take care to fill the herb chamber up to the top to ensure the highest possible efficient steam development.

The convection process

In convection vaporizers, the heat source is not located directly at the herb chamber.
The heat is transported through air via the heating element into the herb chamber.

There, the plant material is then heated with the hot air.
The steam quality is much cleaner here, but does not have as high a vapor density as with conduction devices.

A very popular convection vaporizer is the Firefly, which directs the air through the internal heating element and immediately afterwards into the herb chamber.

By this process, the steam is cooled a little before it reaches the mouthpiece.

Vapes that work with convection heat have a cleaner and more authentic taste while conduction devices tend to have a toast aroma, which is often appreciated, similar to the BBQ.

Portable device or desktop vaporizer

A distinction is made between battery-powered mobile vaporizers and desktop vaporizers, which are usually powered by the power outlet. As the name suggests, these are on the one hand vaporizers that you can take with you, such as Pen Vaporizer or Hand-Vaporizer, and on the other hand vaporizers developed for home use. So desk vaporizers tend to have more power but are not mobile, while the portable vaporizers have rather small herbal chambers and less power, but you can use them everywhere.

Think carefully about what kind of vape you need!

Size and handiness

Since Storz & Bickel achieved its first success with vaporizers in 1999, vapes have come out in all shapes and colors. There are small Mini Pen Vaporizers that look similar to a ballpoint pen to desktop vapes that have such thick herbal chambers that you certainly don’t want to carry them around with you.

If you’re more of a home user, it can be bigger – if you like to consume herbs on the go – definitely choose a portable little model.

Vaporizer Material

There are a wide variety of materials from which these devices are made. You definitely shouldn’t opt for cheap plastic vaporizers. I definitely recommend relying on higher quality models that are made of steel or made, for example, and may be finished with a little wood.

How does a vaporizer work?

Basically, it can be said that each vape has a herb chamber. The herbs are then packed into this herb chamber as the name suggests.

When this chamber is then closed, it is possible to start to heat the vape and regulate the temperature.

Usually you can set a desired temperature. In this process, you can then decide which active ingredients you want to release from the plant material and inhale.

When the desired temperature is reached, you can now put your mouth on the mouthpiece and start inhaling.

The active ingredients are inhaled and can then be exhaled again.


The temperature display of the Mighty Vaporizer

The temperature display of the Mighty Vaporizer

The temperature is controlled most of the vaporizer itself. A small LCD display and a few buttons usually help.

The more modern models are now equipped with a Bluetooth interface and a mobile smart-phone app. So you can easily control the temperature as well as many other interesting parameters via IOS or Android app.

Filling chamber

This is what the filling chambers of portable vaporizers look like

This is what the filling chambers of portable vaporizers look like

As already mentioned, the herbal material is placed in the filling chamber to heat it here.

There are different sizes of filling chambers and vary depending on the model. In some fit several grams in others maybe just 0.2g.

Be sure to make sure that this area of your device is made of sturdy material, as it is unfavorable for your health to buy a cheap vape where you incorporate more plastic than herbal material.

Power supply

Depending on the device, the vaporizers come either with a power supply or with a rechargeable battery. Most of the time, these batteries are charged by USB cable as you know it from your phone.

The desktop vaporizers are then logically connected to the socket via power supply.

How to use a weed vaporizer?

The usage of a Weed Vaporizer is a very simple. Of course, each model is different to use. But basically you can say a vaporizer works in these individual steps:

  1. The herbal material must be grinded so that it can be placed in the filling chamber.
  2. The herbs are then placed crumbled in the herb chamber.
  3. The chamber is closed
  4. The temperature of the vapes is set
  5. The heating process can now be started
  6. Once the desired temperature is reached, the herb can be inhaled.

Commissioning & operation

If you are using a vaporizer for the first time, it makes sense to heat the device to a maximum temperature once.

So you are on the safe side to heat all unwanted substances from the vaporizer.

It is best to repeat this process five times.

Which vape suits me best?

Which vape suits me best?

Honestly, the most important factor to consider when buying a vape is absolutely the quality. Opting for an inferior device can have really serious consequences for your health. With my first vaporizer I had a very bad experience: the inner workings of this vape melted during the steaming and in this case it was plastic, which is not really nice because I inhaled the toxic fumes. Luckily nothing happened, but I can assure you that it is not very healthy to inhale plastic.

That’s why I advise you to buy a high quality vape.

Other important factors include:

  • Saftey first: Safety when using
  • The vape should be easy to use
  • and also inhalation should be possible without complex intermediate steps

Portable Vaporizer or a desktop vaporizer?

That would probably be the next important question you should ask yourself. And of course, that depends entirely on where you want to vaporize your weed or your herbs. Are you more someone who likes to chill out at home and doesn’t care about mobility when vaporizing, but you prefer efficiency and exquisite extras? Then a table top vaporizer is definitely more in question than a mobile vape.

A portable device is recommended in the following cases:

  • If you’re on the road a lot and like to dampen you down somewhere else, then you should definitely opt for a portable device
  • Portable vapes usually fit in any pocket. I even always have my PAX 3 in the money bag of my jeans. Allway ready 4 to Vape 😉
  • If you put a lot of emphasis on aesthetics – because let’s put it in a nutshell: In the nightlife or among friends, your vape should look quite discreet lype 🙂

Disadvantages: Due to the mobility of the portable devices, there is often a lack of functionality and let’s be honest: every battery finds its premature end. Si basicly you have to deal with battery life.


For a desk model you should decide if:

  • You chill more at home, stand on comfort and then prefer to enjoy your weed on the home couch
  • If you don’t want to do without many extra functions, bring the desktop devices with you
  • If the chamber of your vapes may be a little bigger, because you like to consume a bit more

Disadvantages: There is actually only one – but perhaps also considerable disadvantage: the restriction of mobility.

What is the optimal temperature when vaporizing

This depends entirely on the plant material that you use and which active ingredients you want to release from this material so that you can absorb it over the steam.

Another factor to be taken into account is the nature and degree of grinding of the material.

In addition, there are also deviations from the most diverse models, which must be taken into account.

I have listed the boiling points for the various active ingredients in medicinal cannabis in this blog post here and in my herbal and medicinal plants directory you will also find the recommended temperature for your herb usually for the corresponding herb.

Vaporizer temperature list as infographic

Vaporizer Temperature List for Herbs, Medicinal Plants and Cannabis (Grass and Hash)

Vaporizer Temperature List for Herbs, Medicinal Plants and Cannabis (Grass and Hash)

Beginner tip
Don’t make the same mistake as I did at the beginning and try to evaporate your herbal material at the highest level. In the worst case, this material can then be burned and not evaporated, which means that the health benefits of a vaporizer cannot be fully exploited.

Why are the temperature settings available?

The temperature settings allow you to regulate the quality of the steam.

Basically, it can be said that higher temperatures produce a denser steam, but also carry the risk that you burn the material rather than evaporate it.

At lower temperatures you usually have a more pleasant steam for the neck and lungs but then a not so strong steam development.

On the whole, you can also determine which active ingredients you want to solve via the temperature setting of your vaporizer.

Which herbs can be vaporized?

The most commonly vaporized herb is certainly cannabis. And there are many different varieties with a huge variety of flavors and effects. However, cannabis can be divided into 4 categories.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa has an energetic, creative-promoting effect when vaporizing. It is perfect for vaporizing for on the go. I’ve always liked to call it party herb back then, because you just don’t get so sleepy and you have something to do. As a rule, Sativa strains contain more THC than CBD.

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica is another story. Because if you can’t fall asleep well, you should try stuffing some Indica into your vape. It really helps very well with sleep disorders. In general, Indica is perfect for getting you down a bit when you’re under a lot of stress. It has a calming and relaxing effect and ensures that you can finally chill really hard again 😉

Cannabis Hybrid

Cannabis hybrids are crossbreeds of Indica, Sativa or Ruderalis strains.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis is one of the rarest cannabis strains. In contrast to the cultivated varieties Sativa and Indica, Ruderalis is a wild plant that can be crossed very well with Sativas and Indicas to breed so-called Auto Flowering varieties, which bloom automatically after a certain time.

Other Medicinal Plants & Herbs

In addition to cannabis, you can of course also consume many other medicinal plants and herbs with various effects and applications through your vaporizer.
Here we have put together a small list of the most popular herbs with the appropriate treatments and sieve temperatures for your vape.

Does the plant material have to be ground before I fill it in the herb chamber?

Not necessarily! However, with a good grinder or a herb mill you can achieve excellent results in terms of grinding degree and thus the texture for optimal steam experiences with your vape.

The more surface your plant material has, the easier it is to evaporate.

This way you can greatly increase the efficiency and quality of your steam.

Vaporizers such as the Mighty or Crafty already provide accessories to help you prepare your plant material optimally for the appropriate device.

Where is the best place to buy a vape?

In any case, I recommend you to buy your vape from a qualified retailer who really has a plan of the matter. Otherwise you will quickly be turned on a cheap device, where the seller will surely enjoy bringing this device into your possession more than you do. That’s why it’s really important to inform yourself about vaporizers first.

One option would be the next head shop of your trust! However, you should make sure that this head shop really carries branded products.

If you don’t have a headshop in the area or it simply doesn’t offer the vaporizer you want, just check out my Vape reviews for portable vaporizers or desktop models. At the beginning on the right side of each test you will find a price comparison with links to marketplaces or shops where you can buy the vapes I have tested!

The great Vaporizer FAQ

Was macht man mit einem Vaporizer?

Mit einem Vaporizer kannst du getrocknete Kräuter, Harze und andere Pflanzenmaterialien so stark erhitzen bis Ihre Wirkstoffe verdampfen. Diesen aromatischen Dampf kannst du dann mit einem Vaporizer über deine Lunge aufnehmen. Giftige Partikel wie Teer, Benzol, Toluol oder Naphthalin lassen sich so besser filtern als beim Rauchen.

Welche Kräuter kann man verdampfen?

Es gibt jede Menge Kräuter und Heilpflanzen die man mit einem Vaporizer legal verdampfen kann. Die beliebtesten Kräuter sind die folgenden Kräuter:

  • Pfefferminze
  • Rosmarin
  • Lavendel
  • Kamille
  • Zitronengras
  • Lavendel
  • Passionsblume
  • Hopfenzapfen
  • Damianablätter
  • Johanniskraut
  • Salbei
  • eukalyptusblätter
  • Melissenblätter
  • Thymian
  • Enzianwurzel
  • Eisenkraut
  • Weißdornblätter
  • Lindenblüten
  • Guaranasamen
  • Schafgarbe

Wie schädlich ist ein Vaporizer?

Man sollte defintiv beachten, dass der Konsum und somit das Verdampfen von Kräutern und somit das Einatmen in die Lunge gesundheitsschädlich ist. Allerdings ist das verdampfen wesentlich gesünder Als das Rauchen.

Welche Temperatur Vaporizer?

Die Temperatur um medizinisches Cannabis zu verdampfen sollte im Idealfall zwischen 180 und 210 Grad Celsius liegen. so kann man die erste Session bei 180 Grad Celsius starten und sich dann immer mehr steigern bis auch die letzten Wirkstoffe aus dem Kraut extrahiert und in die Lunge aufgenommen worden sind.

Wie wirkt CBD im Körpter?

CBD wirkt durch die Aufname im Körper an mehreren Stellen über die sogenannten Cannabinoid Rezeptoren welche jeder Mensch in seinem Körpter mit sich trägt. CBD wirkt schmerzstillend, anti psychotisch, beruhigend und Entzündungshemmend.

Was ist ein Vape Pen?

Vape Pens aka Vaporizer Pens oder Stiftvaporizer genannt sind kleine stiftförmige, tragbare Vaporizer die so aussehen wie Stifte.

Wie und wo werden Vaporizer eingesetzt?

Es gibt viele Anwendungsmöglichkeiten für Vaporizer. Zum einen werden sie im medizinischen Bereich eingesetzt und zum anderen auch um Kräuter zum Genuß zu verdampfen. Durch die einfache Handhabung sind Vaporizer sehr beliebt unter Konsumenten von diversen Kräutern.

Wie kann ich Cannabis verdampfen?

Du packst dein mediziniches Cannabis in die Kräuterkammer deines Vaporizers und erhitzt diese auf die gewünschte Temperatur. Wenn die Temperatur erreicht ist kannst du den Dampf langsam inhalieren. Immer dran denken: Erst krabeln dan laufen! 🙂

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