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PAX 3 Vaporizer Review & Price Comparsion

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Heating MethodKonduktion
Adjustable temperature
Max. temperature215 C°
Heatup Time22 Sekunden
Direct inhalation
Digital display
Battery power3500 mAh
Exchangeable Battery
iOS App
Android App
Warranty10 Jahre

Overall Rating


Battery Lifetime
Heat Up Time

A vape for all cases: The PAX3 Vaporizer in outdoor use
The small compact herbal vaporizer of the third generation from Pax Labs is the perfect vape for on the go. In addition to a smartphone app, its recessed mouthpiece, haptic feedback, 3500 mAh battery power, a new extract insert and a whopping 10 year warranty, we have summarized everything else in this Pax 3 test for you.

Scope of delivery: Pax 3 Complete Set vs Basic Set

The Pax is available in 2 different variants – once the Pax Basis Kit and once in the complete set. You can see what is included in each set in the following table:

 Pax 3 Komplett SetPax 3 Basis Set
Pax 3 Vaporizer002 Check 002 Check
USB Ladegerät002 Check 002 Check
Abgeflachtes Mundstück002 Check 002 Check
Erhöhtes Mundstück002 Check 002 Check
Pfeifenreiniger002 Check 002 Check
Isopropyl Tücher002 Check 002 Check
Standard Ofendeckel002 Check 002 Check
Half Lid Ofendeckel für Single Sessions002 Check
Konzentrat Einsatz002 Check
Extra Siebe002 Check
Multifunktionswerkzeug002 Check
Tragetasche002 Check

Pax 3 Basic Kit:

  • Pax 3 Vaporizer by Pax Labs Inc.
  • 2 mouthpieces
  • 2 sieds for dried herbs
  • 1 sieve for concentrates
  • 2 magnetically lockable oven lids
  • The Pax charger incl. USB cable
  • 1 Protective cover for the PAX
  • Cleaning set (alcohol cloths and pipe cleaners)

Design & Processing

The high-gloss polished surface of the PAX 3 makes a lot of difference


I have to say quite honestly, I have never seen such an elegant vaporizer. The Pax 3 design is at least as sexy as its predecessor Pax 2. The steamer comes in 5 different colors:Matt Black”, “Matt Rose Gold”, “Matt Silver”, “Matt Teal” and “Matte Fuchsia”. Thus, there should be something for every taste in color.

In terms of size and shape, the third generation is not really different from the Pax 2. On the whole, it is exactly the same design as the previous model. With its slender dimensions of 9.8 x 3 x 2 cm, it now really fits into any pocket and can quickly disappear into the fist even when used, thus ensuring a really high level of discretion. Even the recessed mouthpiece does not really suggest that this is a vaporizer, but rather a tech gadget such as a USB stick.

With a weight of only 93 grams, the Pax 3 is a real lightweight. You could almost forget that you hold the Pax in your hand while steaming – it’s so light. And despite the light weight, the Pax does not in any way have the feeling that it is an inferior commodity. The Pax 3 Vaporizer makes a very high quality impression. Due to its noble matte surface, it looks a bit like the iPhone among the vaporizers. Pax Labs has done all the work and has really thrown more than one standard vaporizer on to the market.

In general, it has to be said that the Pax 3 test really convinced in terms of design. It is a real gem among portable vaporizers.

PAX 3 What's new at a glance
  • New Extract Insert
  • 3500mAh battery power
  • Haptic feedback when heated chamber
  • Now with Pax Vapor App for IOS/ Android Smartphones

Size & Weight

Dimensions of the PAX 3 vaporizer

Dimensions: 9.8 x 3 x 2 cm

  • Height: 9.83 cm
  • Width: 3.07 cm
  • Depth: 2.16 cm
  • Weight: 93g

Information about the herbal chamber

The PAX 3 Herbal Chamber


The herb chamber size has remained the same with the Pax 3. The only difference is the three oven lids that come with the device, rather than just the full pack lid of the heating chamber. I need about 0.5 to 0.20 grams of dry herbs in the chamber when I use the Half Pack Lid, depending on the grinding degree (with medium to coarse grain fit 0.15g and with a particularly fine grinding degree 0.20g in). With the standard lid for the heating chamber, the Pax 3 chamber holds 0.30g to 0.40g dry herbs. With the extract insert I have found that less is more, and that the performance decreases and the cleaning speed increases when it has been overloaded.

Information about battery, battery life and charging options

Small and handy: The Pax 3 USB charger


Pax has also improved a lot in this area. With 3500mAh, the Pax 3 now has about 17% more battery capacity than the 3000mAh in the Pax 2. In my test with full battery charge, I was able to enjoy between 5 and 10 trays and between 95 and 110 minutes of heated total running time, depending on the duration of the session. This brings me an average of about 140-180 trains per load. In my tests, the Pax 3 took 95 and 105 minutes to be fully charged by 0%. So if you throw the Pax 3 on the charger for 1.5 hours, you can expect 1.5 hours of running time, which is really impressive when charging USB devices.

1 LED0-25%
2 LED25-50%
3 LED50-75%
4 LED75%-100%

Honestly, the Pax 3 is probably the best model in terms of battery life, which is extremely impressive for its size, although it would be cool if the battery could be replaced by the user.

The Pax 3 comes with a magnetic charging station that is charged via USB. The magnet is not the strongest the device / the charging station must be mounted with rubber bands if you want to charge the device on the go, where it is thrown around like a backpack. I wish Pax had supplied us with the smaller “mini charger” with the Pax 3, but it is still available in the accessories section on the website. It’s easier to attach to the device and you don’t have to worry about it falling down when you put the device on the go.

Functionality and use

How to vaporize I Right

The Pax in use

The Pax 3 Vaporizer not only shines with its design. The technical features also have it faustdick behind the ears. In just 15 seconds you bring the herbal chamber to a maximum temperature of 215 C° and can thus get the most out of your herbs in a very short time and ensure a really great steam development. And all this without consequences. The new battery with its 3500 mAh lasts about 8 – 10 sessions and can be recharged in just 90 minutes via USB cable.

Another very innovative feature is the intelligent lip sensor on the mouthpiece. The Pax 3 Vaporizer can estimate exactly when you have your lips on your mouthpiece and want to vap to adjust the temperature accordingly. So you can make sure that you always reach the right temperature when you turn on your vape – provided it is already preheated.

With haptic feedback, you will now be notified when the target temperature is reached, so you know exactly when you can press your lips to the recessed mouthpiece to inhale the finest vapours. This feature also makes the PAX 3 look really high quality.

The vibration is minimal, but very noticeable. Some vape’s can make loud audible/disturbing noises while vibrating, but with the Pax the vibrations are a good combination of noticeable yet discreet sound from which no one but the user himself notices anything!


The Pax 3 Vaporizer has 4 different fixed temperature levels. This allows you to specify exactly which ingredients you want to extract and inhale in the appropriate herbs or extracts.

The heat in the herb chamber can be operated easily and intuitively via the On and Off switch. If you hold down the switch, you can configure the temperature with repeated, press in one of the 4 levels. You can see the whole thing by means of the LEDs on the front side. The temperature can be seen as follows by the LEDs on the device:

Pax LED AnzeigeTemperatur LevelTemperatur in C°Temperatur in FLED DisplayAufheizzeit
Pax 3 Temperatureinstellung Level 1 = 183°Level 1182C360F1 Grüne LED16 Sekunden
Pax 3 Temperatureinstellung Level 2 = 193°Level 2193C380F2 Gelbe LED16 Sekunden
Pax 3 Temperatureinstellung Level 3 = 204°Level 3204C400F3 Gelbe LED17 Sekunden
Pax 3 Temperatureinstellung Level 4 = 215°Level 4215C420F4 Gelbe LED18 Sekunden

With the smartphone app, however, you can also set the temperature steplessly in a range of 174 C° – 215 C° in 1 or 10 steps. However, I think that the preconfigured steps are definitely enough to achieve a good steam result. Read more in the “Smartphone App” section

Pax 3 instructions – it’s so easy to steam

Properly vaporize but how?


I want to show you again how easy it is to operate the Pax. So here’s a little guide on how to steam with this great device:

  1. Crushing herb in a grinder
  2. Remove lid from Pax 3
  3. Fill herb into the herb chamber
  4. Close the lid
  5. Press at button once to turn on the vapes
  6. Select the temperature level in which you press the button again
  7. wait you notice a haptic feedback
  8. Press mouth to mouthpiece and inhale steam
  9. Herbs 🙂 enjoy

Steam quality and taste in detail

The steam quality is the same as the Pax 2 – which could not be expected otherwise. However, with the Pax 3 there is still the Boost mode with which you can produce really thick steam clouds By and large the Pax 3 Vaporizer produces a really great steam for a conduction vaporizer. However, it can’t keep up with convection devices like the Firefly in terms of taste and steam qualy.

Nevertheless, the PAX 3 is not wrong. The steam development is really impressive for such a small device.

Pax 3 Cleaning – Cleaning is as easy as cleaning

PAX 3 - How to clean this vaporizer


After approx. 8-10 through heated herb chambers, the drag slowly begins to rise. At this point, you should slowly clean the device. The bowl and the bottom of the mouthpiece should also be cleaned.

With pax 2, cleaning the individual elements was still a little annoying. But the Pax 3 Vaporizer makes it a lot easier for you to clean the individual elements. All you need is a little isopropyl alcohol (ISO), one of the supplied pipe cleaners and a few cotton swabs.

The oven can be super Easy cleaned with the Q-Tips, while you can easily clean the steam channel with the pipe cleaners. For this you should use a little isopropyl alcohol.

A quick cleaning takes about one to two minutes, if you would like it a little more thorough, then expect 5 minutes. All in all, cleaning the Pax 3 is simple and uncomplicated, but you should take good care so that the evaporator can continue to perform at a top performance.

The smartphone app

Everything under control: The sensational PAX 3 Vaporizer app


One may argue about whether a smartphone app makes sense for a vaporizer and is really necessary. But with the Pax, you really can’t complain about the functionality of the app. And anyone who thinks that you can only set the temperature of your Pax 3 with it is hugely mistaken. But let’s just talk about connectivity and temperature setting.

If you want to use your Pax 3 with the app, you first need to download the app from the App Store. Unfortunately, Apple has banned all Vaporizer apps from the App Store, so unfortunately you can only enjoy a Pax 3 Vaporizer control with an Android smartphone at the moment. If you already have the app installed on your IOS phone, you can continue using it accordingly.

Now that you’ve downloaded the app, you can connect to the Pax via Bluetooth.

You now have the possibility to control the temperature for your vaporizer – and this in 1 or 10 steps. Personally, I prefer a temperature of 182 C° to vaporize my herbs. But of course you can heat up to 215 C° and the whole thing in just 15 seconds.

Another nice option in the app is to create heating profiles. Here are 4 different settings:

The standard mode

This is, as the name suggests, the default setting. The temperature in the heating chamber is increased here by 5 °C, while you have your lips on your mouthpiece and pull. When you drop your lips, the temperature drops again until you take the next move.

The Taste Mode

This profile aims to give you a better taste when vaping. Similar to standard modes, the temperature increases when the vaporizer is set to Set Temperature and you pull on it. This temperature is then held during you inhale and drops again at the end of the drawing process. With this noble attitude you waste less herb and maintain a good taste.

The Boost Mode

If you want to start a session quickly, this mode is definitely a good way to do so. Here, the heating performance during the session is continuously increased and the cooldown is extremely reduced.

Pax 3 vs Pax 2 in Vaporizer Test


The Pax 3 is located at the top end of the price range and is considered a “premium evaporator”, especially if you consider the 10-year manufacturer warranty from Pax Labs.

By the way: The evaporator closest to the Pax 3 and Pax 2 would be the Davinci IQ. You can read the comparative article here.

If you already have a Pax 2, the main differences between the 2. and the 3rd generation the heating time, the battery life, the haptic feedback, the mouthpiece extension and the Pax Vapor app. If you don’t care about an improved battery and better heating and you don’t plan to use extracts, it’s more likely to simply buy the Half Pack Lid for your Pax 2, as it really makes sense in my opinion and greatly enhances the Pax 2.

However, if you don’t own the Pax 2, I definitely recommend getting the Pax 3 Vaporizer “Complete Kit” directly, although the Pax 2 is a whole lot cheaper. However, you will then receive the Half Pack Lid and the extract insert. Especially if you want to use concentrates, there is no way past to order the complete set. If you are not a big fan of extracts, I would recommend choosing the option “Base Kit” and simply buying the Half Pack Lid. The Half Pack Lid really makes a big difference in quality if you want to vape alone – also in terms of economy.

Pax 3 Buy – Price comparison shows you the best price

I recommend you buy the PAX 3 from a specialist dealer like Another very renowned online retailer for vaporizers is Vaposhop. But first read my complete review in the conclusion before you decide!

Pax 3 Accessories

There are plenty of accessories and spare parts to buy for the Pax. Here I would like to list the coolest tools and spare parts you can get for the PAX 3 at the moment.

Half Pack Lid Oven Lid

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from Pax and Pax 2 users is that the heating chamber is far too big for single-session users. Previously, McGuyver had to technically make a handmade inlay from a folded piece of stainless steel or buy third-party accessories to use the Pax/ Pax 2 really effectively for single-person sessions.

The Half Pack Lid has improved the single-person sessions by far, and it’s actually the only oven lid I use for my PAX 3 when I use the device alone.

I have also noticed that the Half Pack Lid reduces the tensile resistance and allows for a smoother pull. I estimate that the resistance will be reduced by 15-20% with the new lid, so I am very satisfied with the new lid overall.

Thus, the Half Pack Lid is def. an acquisition value – especially for the single steamers among you.

Extracts & Concentrates Evaporate with extract insert

In my opinion, the extract use works very well. I checked a few chambers of extracts and tried some liquid as well as waxy, fluffy extracts. So far, nothing has leaked that could damage the device.

The taste and steam quality are really great. I would say that it comes closest to the extract experience of the Haze V3, but the Pax 3 does not get as dirty as the Haze V3 and rarely requires a cleansing after vaping extracts. Previously, extracts had to be packed between the dry plant material or extracts wrapped in cotton and filled into the heating chamber. The new extract lid is, in my opinion, a true revolution. On the whole, I find the Pax 3 very effective and efficient. I also noticed that he doesn’t do a lot of sourness or waste materials.


Conclusion to the PAX 3 test


The PAX 3 from Pax Labs is a super vaporizer for on the go – if not the best when it comes to mobility and discretion, and not only performs well in these categories in the Vaporizer test.

Unlike THE PAX 2, it cannot be said that there have been many changes here. The smartphone app and battery power definitely stand out from the previous model.

The steam development is really fabulous even for such a small device.

If a vaporizer like the Mighty seems too chunky to you, I think the Pax is just right for you just because of the size and the design and the corresponding discretion.

All the great features and ease of use make the PAX 3 Vaporizer a perfect beginner’s device. This cannabis vaporizer can only be recommended.

One can be curious if and when the Pax 4 will be launched and what innovations there will be.

It is definitely worth investing in the complete set. If you want to spend less money, the 50 Euro cheaper base set should also be enough.

Pros and cons of the Vaporizer


  • First-class steam quality for a conduction vaporizer of this size
  • Small, elegant and quick to use
  • Easy to use with the smartphone app
  • Haptic feedback and LED lights simplify operation
  • 10-year warranty
  • Suitable for herbs and with the extract insert also for concentrates


  • High purchase price
  • There are certainly even better alternatives for concentrates
  • Occasionally tends to get a little hot
  • The steam can also get a little too hot.

Didn’t this vaporizer tell you?
Take a look at our big vaporizer test!

Pax 3 FAQ

Kann ich mit dem Pax 3 Extrakte verdampfen?

Der Pax 3 Vaporizer verfügt über einen gesonderten Einsatz samt Sieb, das für das Verdampfen von Extrakten geeignet ist.

Pax 3 - Wie oft ziehen?

Wie oft Du an dem Gerät ziehen musst, hängt ganz von Deiner eigenen Vorliebe ab. Ich persönlich nehme gerne einen langen innigen Zug. Manchmal auch zwei.

Was ist das Pax 3 Basis Set?

Das Pax Basis Set ist eine kleinere Variante. Wenn du nicht so viel Geld ausgeben willst kriegst du hierfür den Vaporizer mit ein bisschen weniger Equipment.

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