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Smono 4 Pro Review & Price Comparsion

(4 out of 5 stars from 700 Reviews)
Heating MethodConduction
Adjustable temperature
Max. temperature221 C°
Heatup Time20 Sekunden
Direct inhalation
Digital display
Battery power3000 mAh
Exchangeable Battery
iOS App
Android App

Overall Rating


"Top Device for Liquids"

Steam quality
Heating-up time

Smono 4 Pro Vaporizer Review

The Smono 4 Pro Vaporizer is specially designed for the evaporation of herbs. It contains an innovative technique for vaporizing a wide variety of plant material with a wide variety of ingredients. The yield of the active ingredients is considerable during steaming.


The specialty is herbs

When talking about vaping, many immediately think of cannabis. Wonderfully aromatic and associated with medicinal effect, the evaporation of many other herbs can be. It is definitely worth testing this once. Maybe there is also a herb for your taste.

The herb chamber made of heat-resistant ceramic holds about 0.3 g of crushed herbs. The amount is completely sufficient for an intensive session for you alone or a small group.

The special feature of the steam development lies here in the detail. The design of the vaporizer takes into account the control of the tensile resistance by adjusting the air flow of the light-path air duct. This allows you to configure the device according to your own experience of steam development. With this technical sophistication, the Smono 4 Pro develops a particularly fine and aromatic steam.

First, the technical data at a glance

Responsible for the outstanding performance is the latest technology of the Smono 4 Pro Vaporizer, namely the regulation of airflow. The light-path duct provides a 50 percent cooler steam temperature and lower drag resistance when pulling compared to other vaporizers.

With the rotatable lever located on the underside of the device, the density of the steam development is adjustable. You change the drag resistance with it.

Depending on your mood, you turn the lever and produce a light or a denser steam experience.

Temperature adjustment works quickly

The temperature adjustment can be infinitely adjustable between 160 degrees and 221 degrees Celsius. The super-fast microprocessor controls the evaporation temperature several times a second.

The amount of steam produced and the intensity of the taste becomes denser and more intense than in my experience previously possible.

Powerful battery

The Smono 4 Pro heats up in about 20 seconds and is then immediately ready to release steam. The powerful and durable 300mAH battery is responsible for this process.

Easy to use

Smono 4 Pro Vaporizer Price Comparison

In the clear LED display you can see all the settings of your Smono 4 Pro at a glance. The temperature setting, the amount of time left until the end of the session, and the current charge state of the battery. The device switches off automatically after the session expires. So you are on the safe side, should you invade during a session.

For some users, it is important to know that the temperature units can be adjusted from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

Protection against overheating

Security is a top priority. Many vaporizers are prone to overheating and a associated fire hazard of the herb chamber. This is not the danger of the Smono models.

An external facility regularly checks the Smono Vaporizers according to the latest findings. Only if the device meets the high standards will it come into the market.

Other three factors that serve safety are auto shut-off, overvoltage protection and continuous temperature monitoring.

Reliable materials

Smono 4 Pro Vaporizer Kraeuterkammer

The materials that come into contact with the steam are the ceramics of the herb chamber, the glass of the mouthpiece and the high-quality stainless steel of the air ducts and the small sieve.


The herbal chamber is made of tested heat-resistant technical ceramics. It withstands the heating process throughout the life of the device. The glass mouthpiece and stainless steel cables offer this high quality standard. The steam shows a remarkable purity, is dense and almost perfect.

Long service life

The Smono 4 Pro Vaporizer is designed for years of daily use. All components are easy to clean and maintain. Spare parts are readily available at any time.


A consistently high steam quality is achieved if you underapply the complete device including the herbal chamber to a regular cleaning. The brushes included in the scope of delivery are helpful for this purpose. This also allows the stainless steel cables to be completely cleaned.

Design and handiness

Smono 4 Pro Vaporizer Design

The Smono 4 Pro is small and compact. You can easily take the handy device anywhere. It can be conveniently stored in the trouser or jacket pocket.

The black colour scheme of the plastic housing is unobtrusive and restrained.

The vaper can be applied discreetly and discreetly and does not immediately catch the eye.

Highlights of the Smono 4 Pro in the summary.

  • The temperature setting from 160 to 221 degrees Celsius must be adjusted exactly to the degree.
  • Short heating time: The device is ready for operation in about 20 seconds.
  • 35% increase in battery performance compared to the previous model
  • Separate ceramic herb chamber
  • The air flow can be individually controlled.
  • Light-Path duct for controlling the tensile resistance.

The scope of delivery

Smono 4 Pro Delivery

Smono 4 Pro Delivery

The Smono 4 Pro comes in an attractive packaging in which the device can be safely stored after use. The scope of delivery includes a USB cable, filling tools, two brushes for cleaning the air path and the herb chamber and a small sieve as well as the instructions.

Finally, my conclusion

Amono 4 Pro Vaporizer Review

I don’t think you’ll find a better herbal evaporator than the Smono 4 Pro at the moment. It is small, fast, with precise temperature control and provides more traction with individual adjustment of the tensile resistance than its predecessor.

The electronics are powerful, extremely safe and precise. You can rely on the device at any time. It also works reliably and safely during daily use over a long period of time. The quality standard of the processed materials make it very popular.

In a very short time, that’s only about 20 seconds of heating up time, you can start with the Vapen. Thanks to the powerful 3000mAH battery, steaming over several sessions is possible.

The choice of herbs is really large, which are legally suitable for vaporizing. The aromas, the fragrance and the quality of the steam fascinate my taste buds. Inhalation of the active ingredients is described as healthy, with a healing effect. You may be interested in that too.

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