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Smono 3.1 Review & Price Comparsion

(3 out of 5 stars from 1023 Reviews)
Heating MethodConduction
Adjustable temperature
Max. temperature221 C°
Heatup Time20 Sekunden
Direct inhalation
Digital display
Battery power3000 mAh
Exchangeable Battery
iOS App
Android App

Overall Rating


Smono 3 Vaporizer

The Smono 3 is an excellent vaporizer at a reasonable price. The compact device has an innovative heating system for a vaporizer of this size and other outstanding specific features. The handy device is ideal for the Vapen on Tour.


Smono 3 Vaporizer Display

The Smono 3 is easy to put into operation. Three buttons are sufficient to operate the innovative device, namely the start button, one plus and minus button each.

In quick succession, press the start button five times and the Smono 3 turns on. The Smono logo appears on the LED display. Two LEDs are fitted in the mouthpiece. During the heating period, an LED lights up red until the temperature is reached. The green LED indicates that the operating temperature has been reached.

If the device is not put into operation, it shuts down after four minutes for safety.

All relevant information can be read at a glance in the illuminated display. This is the selected temperature and the state of charge of the battery.
The temperature can be set as needed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can easily switch from one unit to another by holding down the start button and the minus button for three seconds at the same time.

Important measure before first use.

Before filling the Smono 3 with the substrate of your choice for the first time, the vaporizer should be heated to the highest temperature several times in a row for a short time. As a result, all undesirable substances that may still be in the vaporizer after fabrication are burned. You are on the safe side if you perform the process several times.

Well-maintained enjoyment at any time.

With the Smono 3 you have the possibility to steam different substances such as herbs, wax and oil at any time. In the glass chamber made of high-quality laboratory glass, this is possible without any problems.

During evaporation, the active ingredients of the substance used dissolve and are transported to the lungs during inhalation. The effect is noticeable almost immediately.

There are no harmful substances such as tar and benzenes, which are formed when smoking tobacco.

Step by step to an intense vaper feeling.

Filling the glass chamber is simple. You want to use herbs, then they are to be crushed first. The crushed material is filled into the chamber and moderately compressed. Oil or wax is filled in the appropriate quantity.

Now you insert the glass chamber into the device. The desired temperature is set and the heating process is started at the push of a button. The heating time is relatively short. It only takes about 40 seconds for you to start the session.

The steam development is satisfactory for the handy device. An intense aroma and a pleasant fragrance develops.

Mouthpiece made of glass

Smono 3 Vaporizer Test

The mouthpiece made of high-quality glass with integrated glass cylinder can be disassembled and is so easy to clean. It stays with good care for a long time. Two LEDs in the viewing window light up first in red and at evaporation temperature in green after switching on.

Efficient and gentle heating method

The efficient heating system works with the convection process. The heat from the heating chamber is fed into the air duct and heats the air there. The heated air flows through the material introduced into the glass chamber. The moisture contained in the substances is evaporated by the hot air. The aromatic steam containing the active ingredients is inhaled via the glass mouthpiece. As glass absorbs heat poorly, the steam cools and enters the airways in a pleasantly temperate temper. The vaping with the Smono 3 is extremely gentle.

The temperature can be controlled from 160 to 220 degrees Celsius. Depending on the set temperature, a demand-oriented and degree-precise temperature control is ensured.

Battery performance

The battery delivers power at 1600mAh for about 90 minutes. With the USB cable, the battery can be easily recharged in 2 hours.


With only 50 x 27 x 81 millimeters, the Smono is 3. A very compact and handy device. No matter where you are, whether at home or on the go, your Smono 3 is always there.


The housing is compact, the corners rounded. The soft material of the case is a real hand flatterer. The color black looks restrained and noble.

Good reasons for a portable vaporizer

The portable Vaporizer Smono3 is recommended for people who travel a lot and often and don’t want to miss out on an enjoyable vaping. The Smono3 can be easily transported in the trouser or jacket pocket. As soon as you feel it, the small device is ready for use.

Good to know

It happens again and again that the substrate chamber slips out of the posture. To prevent this, it is best if you remove the mouthpiece for transport. It acts like a lever and possibly opens the substrate chamber in the jacket or trouser pocket.

The scope of delivery

Smono 3 Vaporizer Supplied

Smono 3 Vaporizer Supplied

In addition to the Vaporizer Smono3, other useful items are included in the scope of delivery.


  • The Smono Vape 3.1 comes with A USB cable.
  • Useful tools such as stuffing tools, cleaning brushes and tweezers
  • Substrate capsule made of quartz glass
  • Mouthpiece seal including sieve
  • Washer
  • Multiple sieds
  • German-English User Manual
  • 10-year warranty when registering on


Smono 3 Vaporizer Test

The compact and innovative Smono 3 delights the Vaper. The resulting steam is pleasant and aromatic. I particularly liked the glass mouthpiece. It provides a gentle but intense taste experience. Overall, the design is appealing, the materials used give a high-quality impression.

The downside should be the minimalistic functionality of the compact portable devices. But, you can’t have everything. With the Smono3 it can still steam perfectly and enjoyably.

The Smono 3 and recent developments in this series are definitely recommended and not only because of the 10-year warranty. Try Den Vaper. You’ll see the Smono 3.1 convinces you too.

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